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What is a Wellness Plan?


A program supported by an organization to inspire and engage people to make small achievable changes to their daily routine for a healthier life.

Features of Our Wellness Plan

Doctor's Desk


  • Virtual Counselors

  • Life & Health Coaching

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Couple Counseling

  • Addiction Support

  • Diabetes Weightloss


  • Virtual Emergency Room

  • 24 | 7 | 365 Coverage

  • Access to Physician

  • Coordinated care, labs & prescriptions

  • Full Virtual Triage Medical Service

Doctor Office
Working from Home


  • Health Advocacy

  • Child/ElderCare

  • Virtual Concierge

  • Health Coaching

  • Teletherapy

  • Telehealth

  • Behavioral Health Counseling

  • Cognitive Wellbeing Support

  • Legal/Financial Consultations


Employees with student loan debt can work with student loan adviser to determine if the student's loans are eligible for any available student loan debt reduction or restructuring plans.

Financial Advisor
At the Dentist


Every company has its unique circumstances, in cases, where Group Dental is not offered a dental discount program is helpful. Our program provides discounts for dental services across 200,000 participating dentists nationwide 

How does a Wellness Plan help an Employer?


Payroll Taxes

Eligible employers can reduce their payroll tax contributions by up to $500 per employee per year. Business owners love this plan! This Federal Plan has $0 out-of-pocket costs to the employer and the employee. 

Less Workers' Comp Exposure

What are you doing to minimize your off-the-job workers' comp exposure?

If an employee can not stay home if injured. What do you think they are going to do? 

Healthier Employees

When an employee is helped with out-of-pocket expenses; they are more likely to use the health plan sponsored by their employer. Resulting in a healthier employee, fewer sick days, and strengthening company morale. 

Retain & Recruit


Employee turnover is a significant cost for employers. Companies with great benefit plans outshine companies with mediocre plans. Our plans help employees pay for medical expenses at no out-of-pocket cost to employees. 

A Better Way

A MetLife survey of 1,000 full-time workers found that 48% of workers said they could not pay $1,000 or more for out-of-pocket expenses without relying on debt or credit if a serious illness or accident occurred today. 

How does Our Wellness Plan help an Employee?

Non-Taxable Money

A unique Federal program provides non-taxable money for employees to purchase voluntary benefit plans that pay qualified medical expenses. Eligible Employees receive a medical benefit with no out-of-pocket costs to the employee. 

Financial Help

According to a survey by, only 39% of Americans could afford to pay a $1,000 unexpected expense. Our plan provides a voluntary benefits plan that will help employees with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Paycheck Protection

Voluntary benefits help employees directly with cash payments due to accidents or illnesses. Employees decide how to spend the cash payments - rent, food, or bills. It is their money, their choice. 

How does Our Wellness Plan work?

Confirm Eligibility

Once your employer signs up (THEY SAVE ALOT OF MONEY).

We determine your allotment of non-taxable Federal dollars and we work with you to procure a plan for you. Included with all plans is the BalancedBeing Wellness Plan. 

Your PayCheck

Your "take-home" paycheck will remain the same just as before except you will have a benefit plan that will help pay for Medical Expenses paid for by participating in this plan. 

Plus, you have the choice of adding an Accident, Critical Injury, Critical Illness, Group Life, or Cancer Care coverage. 

Maintain Eligibility

Participating in this program requires that you use the Wellness Plan because the main point of the plan is to help you become more healthy. By using the app, you gain points and every year you need 100 points to participate. It is super easy! Just opening the app gets you 25 points!

Why should an Employee participate in Our Wellness Plan?

Here are some reasons why an Employee should participate in Our Wellness Plan:

  • No Out-of-Pocket Cost to Employer. Healthcare is expensive and a benefit like this is essentially free to the employee and their family plus the employer saves money too! 

  • Do they have kids? The non-taxable amount saved in every paycheck could enable the employee to procure a voluntary benefits plan that can assist in paying for a portion of the out-of-pocket costs for their kid's medical expenses.

  • Unplanned Expenses? Accidents and illnesses happen to everyone. Some people have a plan to pay for unplanned expenses. Unfortunately, others use credit cards. By becoming a participating employer, you provide your employees access to a plan that helps them pay for qualified medical expenses more easily. 

  • Family History. Critical illnesses may be a part of the employee's family history. Having a plan for out-of-pocket expenses could be a strong financial plan or the employee could decide to procure a Critical Illness Plan for additional coverage. 

  • What about Life Insurance? After enduring a year-long pandemic, life insurance has taken on a whole new meaning. With group life insurance people unable to get life insurance on their own may be able to procure life insurance through Our Wellness Plan. 

What are my Next Steps as a business owner?

Employee Census

We will need an employee census to develop the plan documents. If you have a current employee census that should be sufficient. If you need a form to create a new one, we will send you one after the Discovery Call. 

Schedule a Discovery Call

During our Discovery Call, we will discuss eligibility, participation, review the employee census and the BalancedBeing Wellness Plan. We will define the qualified voluntary benefits plan associated with the program.

Employee Webinar | Presentation

After eligibility is confirmed, a Zoom webinar will be provided to detail all the benefits of the plan and explain how the plan works. Typical acceptance of the program and enrollment is greater than 70%. 


Enrollment is typically handled via Zoom, Phone, or In-Person Meetings. All in-person meetings follow Covid-19 protocols. It takes a few minutes per employee. 

Payroll Service Coordination

Enrollment in this program requires a "cafeteria plan" in order to make the appropriate deductions and calculations. We can work with your current payroll service or we can introduce you to our payroll partner. The enrollment specialists that will work with you to implement the plan will provide you with all the necessary documents to create a smooth transition. 

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