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How We Can Help

By following an Affordable Care Act compliant Federal Program, we deliver:


Business owners have enough operational challenges to tackle; we keep it simple.

By supplying a few documents that you use every day, we help you confirm:

Business Eligibility
Employee Eligibility

Our strategy is IRS, ERISA, HIPAA, and ACA compliant. 

Employee Benefits

After eligibility is confirmed, employees meet with an enrollment specialist to use their allowance to purchase any of the following:

Accident, Critical Illness, Dental, Disability, Hospital Protection, Life Insurance, Vision

In addition to these benefits, employees receive a Preventative Care App supported by the Mayo Clinic, & other Healthcare partners.

Financial Savings

After the ACA-compliant Federal program is implemented, every eligible employer realizes a $500 (net) payroll tax savings, per eligible employee. 

California businesses may claim an additional benefit, the program reduces an employees taxable wages, which may lower a businesses' workers' compensation premiums by up to 20%. 

Savings are realized at each payroll period. 

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We help leaders with incentives + savings by helping employees with voluntary benefits. 

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