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Staff Meeting

Need a better strategy for Employee Benefits without increasing costs?

Get Your Workforce Covered Today

Every type of business is eligible
Benefits of the Program

Increase Employee Benefits without Investment for the Company or Employee


Pay Less Payroll Taxes

You can save an estimated $500 per employee

Save $$$ on Workers' Comp!

California businesses get this added savings benefit!

Learn How to Get $1,000s for your workforce

Team Meeting

Our team helps companies receive $1,000s in Incentives.

Learn How.

What are my next steps?

Step 1
30-Minute Zoom Presentation
A Federal Programs specialist will lead you and your HR team through a detailed presentation. They will explain how the program was developed, the incentives & benefits, and how you will increase benefits without increasing costs. 
Step 2
Submit Payroll & W4 Documentation
Our team will work with your Human Resources department to identify the necessary documents and qualify every eligible employee. Once the analysis is complete, we will provide the business with a report that will provide detailed estimates of:

1. Payroll Savings
2. Reduction in Taxable Wages
3. Employee Benefit Allowance 
Step 3
Employee Presentation
After acceptance of the report, our team will provide a zoom employee presentation. Every company is different, so we offer morning, afternoon and evening presentations to explain the details of the program and we provide a scheduling link for each employee to meet with our team.  
Step 4
Every employee is provided a scheduling link to book an appointment for personal enrollment services and to ask any questions. During enrollment, we provide the employee their Employee Benefit Allowance, and we explain the benefits that are available. For a period of two weeks, enrollment appointments are available via zoom or in-person. Enrollment appointments are available in English & Spanish. 
Step 5
At the completion of enrollment, we send out an email to all participating employees with download instructions for the preventative care app. Then, our team works with the organization's payroll service to implement the program into the next available payroll period. Concurrently, emails are sent to the employees outlining the benefits they have purchased and the necessary account information. 
Young Businesswomen

Federal Programs
Learn How to Get the Most Money for Your Business!

I probably won't qualify... 

I probably make too much money!

I am too busy to research Federal Money for my business!

This is too good to be true...

It is probably too hard to get the money!

Don't let an excuse stop you from securing Federal Money for your business. These Federal programs were created to help all businesses. According to the Internal Revenue Service, 85% of the money distributed from the Research & Development Tax Credit program was allocated to the largest companies in America. Why? Large businesses were much more active than small & medium companies in applying for the credits.


While speaking at a Small Business conference in 2019, Senator Chuck Grassley commented: 

"There is a long list of tax provisions that provide much-needed tax relief to businesses and individuals. But what worries me is that many of you here - business owners and accountants - too often think that these tax incentives, that these just happen to be for big corporations. And I want to impress upon you that nothing could be further from the truth! Learn about the tax incentives that are available. These incentives can help your business succeed and thrive." 


We can help you. The multitude of Federal programs is extensive. We focus our efforts on promoting a select few programs that are best suited for Small and Medium-sized businesses. Nine out of 10 businesses with 5 or more employees are eligible for at least one Federal program that we promote. The financial incentive available could be in the $1,000s for your company.


Stop missing out on federal programs that were designed to help all businesses succeed,

not just the Fortune 500.  


We partner with businesses to develop Group Health & Benefit plans that are flexible and affordable. Group plans make healthcare reachable for people. We offer: 

Medical | Dental | Vision | Acupuncture | Chiropractic

Small & Large Groups | Employee Choice Health Exchanges

Medical form with stethoscope

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Learn How To Get the Most Money from Federal Programs

We have gathered industry experts to lead informative sessions that will detail federal programs that can deliver tax credits, reimbursements, and non-taxable allowances outlined in the federal tax code to help businesses and employees in all 50 states. 

Our speakers have decades of industry experience helping organizations secure federal and state incentives. The strategies developed are time-tested and follow the legal fundamentals outlined in each individual federal program. There are strategies for businesses with as few as three full-time employees, to the largest enterprise companies of the Fortune 500. 


Stop missing out on federal programs that were designed to help all businesses succeed,

not just the Fortune 500.  

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