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Supplemental Benefits helps cover unplanned

out-of-pocket expenses

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We have Supplemental Benefit plans that cover:

Accident | Critical Illness | Disability | Group Life

What are Supplemental Benefits?


Are insurance policies that provide financial protection against expenses from accidents and illnesses not covered by major medical insurance. The benefit assists individuals with out-of-pocket costs. 

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How does Supplemental Benefits help an Employer?

Lower Payroll Taxes

When employees use an Employer-sponsored Premium Only Plan (POP) to pay for healthcare, the employee and employer benefits with fewer payroll taxes. A business owner should seek financial advice from their CPA. 

Less Workers' Comp Exposure

What are you doing to minimize your off-the-job workers' comp exposure?

If an employee can not stay home if injured. What do you think they are going to do? 

Retain & Recruit


Employee turnover is significant for every employer. Providing access to a plan that can help employees with out-of-pocket expenses would be a significant increase in benefits for most employees.  

Healthier Employees

When an employee is helped with out-of-pocket expenses; they are more likely to use the health plan sponsored by their employer. The result? Healthier employees with less turn-over.

A Better Way

A MetLife survey of 1,000 full-time workers found that 48% of workers said they could not pay $1,000 or more for out-of-pocket expenses without relying on debt or credit if a serious illness or accident occurred today. 

How does Supplemental Benefits help an Employee?

More Take Home Pay

Because pretax benefits are deducted from wages before certain taxes are withheld, they tend to lower taxable wages and increase take-home pay.

Financial Help

According to a survey by, only 39% of Americans could afford to pay a $1,000 unexpected expense. An unexpected medical expense could cause financial distress to an employee. 

Paycheck Protection

Supplemental benefits pay cash directly to the employee due to an accident or illness. The employee can help their families continue to pay for rent, food, and their bills. 

What type of Supplemental Benefits are available?

Physical Therapy


Accidents can happen to any one of us. With Accident Insurance, you will receive the cash benefit if you suffer an accidental injury. Here are some highlights:

First Accident | Sports Package | Family Care


Critical Illness pays a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. With this benefit, you will receive cash quickly, so you can focus on recovery. Examples of covered illnesses: 


Heart Attack | Cancer | Stroke 

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Universal life protector is permanent life insurance protection that offers a safety net of lifetime protection for your loved ones. Unlike standard term insurance, Universal Life Protector provides cash reserves that grow tax-deferred.


Having a regular paycheck is important for maintaining your lifestyle, which is why our Disability Income coverage provides a monthly income if you are injured and are unable to work. 

Physical Therapy Session
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Cancer Care Insurance benefits pay based on treatment if you are diagnosed with cancer. With this benefit, you will receive cash quickly, so you can focus on your recovery.  Feature Highlight:

20-Year Premium Pay Up

How does Supplemental Benefits policy work?

You Pay a Premium

A monthly or weekly payment is deducted from the employee's paycheck.


Insurer Covers You

The insurance company insures the employee, and if contracted, their spouse and family too - 24/7

Income Protected

If the employee has an accident or illness, a claim is filed and the insurance company pays the claim directly to the employee. 

Why should an Employee consider Supplemental Benefits?

Here are some reasons why an Employee should consider buying a Supplemental Benefits policy:

  • Family Income. A family's reliance on an employee's monthly income. 

  • Accidents Happen. Does the employee have an active lifestyle? Are they in a sports league or get hurt often. 

  • Reliance on Credit Cards. Does the employee rely on credit cards or borrowing money for emergencies? Out-of-pocket expenses can be creating these issues. 

  • Family History. Critical illnesses may be a part of the employee's family history. Having a plan for out-of-pocket expenses could be a strong financial plan. 

  • Do they have Children? Kids get sick and they get injured especially when they play sports. Having a plan to cover out-of-pocket expenses could be a great solution.  

What are my Next Steps as a business owner?

Inquire if you have a plan.

Sometimes, Supplemental Policies are overlooked and not updated. We can evaluate what you currently offer and provide a comparison to upgrade your current plan. 

Schedule a Discovery Call

During our Discovery Call, we will discuss the various plans we recommend and how they benefit the business and the employee. 

Employee Census

We will provide you with an employee census form. Once completed, we will develop a formal quote and schedule the employee group webinar. 

Participants Only

If more than 50% of the employees attend the webinar, all attendees will receive a 1-year subscription for a leading telemedicine service for free. The business will no longer have to pay for a telemedicine option. 

Enrollment Options

Groups with less than 25 employees can get on-the-spot enrollment. While groups with more than 50 subscribers will receive guaranteed approval. 

Our Featured Partner is Combined Insurance:

Combined Insurance Company of America (Chicago, IL) is a leading provider of individual and group supplemental accident, disability, health, and life insurance products and a Chubb company.

Combined Insurance has been a leader in the Supplemental Insurance industry since 1922.

Combined Insurance has more than eight million policies in force today

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