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We are an independent insurance agency for Life, Health & Accident insurance.


This means we are not stuck to one insurance company,

our pursuit is to find the right policy for your unique circumstance. 


We can help you match your unique circumstance to available solutions from the leading insurers. 

We focus on these areas of insurance: 


Open for Business


Planning for the future and unexpected events is not just. a personal responsibility. For most business owners, a business is their primary source of income for their family. Planning for challenges ensures a smooth transition. We can help. 

Buy-Sell Agreements | Key Person Insurance | Retirement

Succession Planning | Inheritance


We partner with businesses to develop Group Health & Benefit plans that are flexible and affordable. Group plans make healthcare reachable for people. We offer: 

Medical | Dental | Vision | Acupuncture | Chiropractic

Small & Large Groups | Employee Choice Health Exchanges

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We are independent insurance brokers. This means we are not STUCK with ONE insurance company, we secure you the best policy for your unique circumstance. Our Quote Tool has 50+ insurers offering their products. We offer: 

Term | Permanent Cash Value Policies | Final Expense


Our supplemental benefit plans help employees with out-of-pocket expenses that Group Medical insurance does not cover. Accidents and illnesses are going to happen, these benefits help lessen the financial impact. We offer: 


Accident | Critical Illness | Disability | Life | Cancer Care 

Sports Facility

Promote Our Community

Let's Promote Our Community Together

I have been thinking about how I can promote my community. I wanted to do something personal because nothing promotes a business better than when a customer says to a potential customer, "the food is great there" or "talk to John, he took care of me" or the all-time favorite, "let me make a call for you". 

I am aware of Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This effort is about keeping it local and promoting the people you do business with every day. Anybody can buy an ad on Facebook or Google and get lost in the forest of millions of people being bombarded by ads. This is my attempt to make it Personal again. 

Call me old-fashioned; I enjoy going to businesses where I know the owner, the general manager, or a key employee. I enjoy the transaction and a relationship is formed; the heart of the community gets stronger.

If you are inspired and you have a website, create your own Promote Our Community page and list the businesses you frequent and support. It can be Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) or both. You can use social media too. Whatever you decide just do something because, in the end, the people of our community are going to be the ones that get us back to normal.

Click "Promote Our Community" below and see my recommendations. 

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From Orange County, we cover California.


We work with you to listen to your goals, and we develop a strategy to satisfy your requirements with insurance products from the leading insurers. 

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