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Promote Your Business & Meet Your Next New Client

Are you interested in networking after work? 

We have an exciting opportunity for you!


You're invited to join us at our monthly After Work Mixer, in association with Tien Photography. Mark your calendar for August 24th, as we'll be gathering at OC Wine Mart, a popular venue located in Orange at The Brickyard. 

Our mixers are specifically designed for local business owners, professionals, and individuals seeking to connect with like-minded individuals. It's a wonderful chance to expand your network and engage in meaningful conversations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet & connect with fellow professionals in a relaxed & enjoyable setting.

Unwined + Connect + Thrive
Elevate your business at our After Work Mixer, where opportunities await. Join Us!

Are you new to business networking? 

Jumpstart your networking journey at our highly recommended After Work Mixer. This event provides an ideal opportunity for 1-on 1

conversations with like-minded individuals who are eager to meet new faces. Expect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, as our members will be present to greet attendees and facilitate introductions. Don't miss out on this fantastic occasion to expand your network and forge valuable connections.

Evan Baker, Even Better Insurance | March 2023 Mixer @ Radiant Beer Company

Testimonial: Six-Figure Sales Opportunity!

After stumbling upon the After Work Mixer advertisement on Eventbrite, my enthusiasm led me to show up a week early! Undeterred by the mix-up, I eagerly returned the following week and actively engaged in networking during both the March and April mixers. The outcomes exceeded my expectations, prompting me to join LeTip of Anaheim. In just 30 days, I secured two orders and even have a pending recurring order, worth six figures! It worked wonders for me, and I'm confident it can do the same for you! Let's network at the next one!. - Jose Solorzano

Jose is the newest member of LeTip of Anaheim. He owns a full-service brand marketing production company where his team designs, sources, screen-prints, and builds great promotional apparel for businesses, the music industry, and celebrities.

Do you attend a morning or lunch networking event? 

It's time to embrace a new habit that can positively impact your professional life. Join us at our monthly After Work Mixers, taking place every fourth Thursday of the month. These mixers offer you the perfect platform to meet new individuals, promote your business, and broaden your network of valuable contacts. Make a commitment to attend our upcoming mixers and discover the benefits of expanding your network.

Guests: Holly Conger, Angel Tran, Kevin Lee (Zest in a Bowl), Anh Ha (Realtor) | April 2023 @ Pali Wine Company

Are you wondering if you have to be a member?

You don't need a membership to join us at our After Work Mixers. Networking comes at no cost to you. Who knows? Attending our mixers might lead you to meet your next potential client. Take advantage of this chance to unwind, connect, thrive, and uncover new business opportunities, all at zero cost.

Guests: Amber-Sky Skipps (Advisor), Rich Gloudeman (Contractor), Reya Duenas (Designer) | April 2023 @ Pali Wine

Are you interested in the details?

Join us every 4th Thursday of the month, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, as we gather for our After Work Mixer. This month's event will be held at local favorite, OC Wine Mart, located in Orange at The Brickyard.  Attendees can register to schedule their headshot with Tien Photography plus network with business professionals and business owners.


The primary objective of this event is to unite the local business community, fostering new relationships that will drive business growth in our region. Don't miss out on this chance to expand your network and propel your business forward.

Free Parking?

Yes. OC Wine Mart has ample free parking throughout the center.

We make every effort to have free parking to make it easy for our guests. At times, we need to be creative. If that is the case, you will receive an email the day before the event with a parking map or suggestions on where to park!

Remember, if we have our events in downtown Anaheim, you can park anywhere and use the "FRAN" shuttle service to drive you all around downtown Anaheim. 

Booths & Tables will not be for sale at Mixer events.

Our After Work Mixers are designed to be a more casual business networking events. Our focus is to promote more conversations amongst all the attendees. If you close some business at Our Mixer, great! Tell us all about it! You will be meeting new people, so bring your business cards and network. Our Tabletop Expo will be coming up in October 2023! 

Guest: Kevin Walheim (insurance), Jonathan Lien (Edward Jones), Raul Rodriguez (Paylocity), Cesar Ugarte (Paylocity) | October 2022 Highway 39 Events Center

What about other Business Networking Events?

Experience the perfect blend of casual networking at our After Work Mixer. As a business owner or sales leader, you want to make sure your team has an effective strategy to promote your business. We have a variety of exclusive and "open to the business community" networking events throughout the year.

Here is a list of networking events for 2023: 

45+ Category-Exclusive Networking Events

(exclusive access event)

8 After Work Mixers at Breweries & Wine Bars

(no membership required)

Annual TableTop Expo | Late Summer 2023

(no membership required)


If you seal deals during our mixer, we'd love to hear your success stories. Be prepared to meet new individuals, so don't forget to bring your business cards and be ready to expand your network.

When you network with us, you will build relationships + sales + enjoy doing it!

LeTip of Anaheim | Weekly Networking Event @ Downtown Anaheim Community Center | April 2023

LeTip of Anaheim | OC Business Expo @ Highway 39 Events Center | July 2022

Our Events Help the Community.

Join us in supporting and promoting the local business community, where we have a great time!

In 2022 alone, our networking group contributed an impressive $2,671,252 in sales to the local community. We kicked off January 2023 on a high note with outstanding sales of $1,250,000 in just one month. Mark your calendars for 6/22/2023 and seize the opportunity to meet your next potential client.

Check out these snapshots from our past events, and come show your support for local businesses!

Are you interested in Future Events?

Join Our Invitation List!

Click on the link - Add Me to Networking Events Invitation List.

The above link prepares an email for you. Please include: first & last name, company name, mobile number and company website

See you at our next event!

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