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Step by Step


Congratulations! You are making the move to secure your family, business, or both. Use this guide to give you a headstart on what you are going to need to have a life insurance policy that meets your needs and requirements. The quote tool is very informative and it was created to give you free quotes with a few questions, and without inputting any contact information. Once you decide to move forward, you simply hit the "Apply" button and you begin the application, and finalize everything online, 100%.


Just know, at any step, you can decide to contact us directly via email, chat or schedule a call on our appointment page and work with an agent. 

Let's get started. 

Step One

Enter the First and Last Name of the applicant.


Make sure that the applicant uses their legal name.

IYS-1-C-Let's Begin First and Last Name

Step Two

Select the Gender of the applicant. 

Insurance underwriting only recognizes two biological genders at this time.

IYS-2-C-Male or Female (1).png

Step Three

Select 1 - 5 hearts to determine your insurance health rating. This is a general personal evaluation. Underwriting will determine your final health rating based on your medical exam, medical records, and your personal health factors. 

IYS-3-C-Rate Your Health-2 (1).png

Step Four

Select the applicant's nicotine or cannabis use. 

Insurers do gather data for nicotine and cannabis use for underwriting.

IYS-4-C-Smoking History (1).png

Step Five

Enter the applicant's height and weight. 

Insurers will verify the information during the medical exam or during the review of your medical records.

IYS-5-C-Weight and Height (1).png

Step Six

Enter the applicant's birth date. 

The birth date of the applicant will be confirmed with government identification.

IYS-6-C-Birthdate (1).png

Step Seven

Select the applicant's policy amount, and product term. 

Policy amounts range from $50K - $10M, and the Product terms range from 10 - 40 Years. The amounts listed provide the applicant a minimum cost per month. These options provide evaluation for monthly budgetary purposes.

If you decide to change the policy amount, the quote tool will re-calculate your minimum cost per month until you select the length of the term. 

Selecting the calculator will provide additional questions to assist you. See below.

IYS-6-C-Choose Policy Amount or Calculat
IYS-C-Web Guide- Final Determine Length


If you select the calculator, you will be required to enter amounts for any outstanding mortgages, other debt, any children & age, amount per year for beneficiary payments, length of payments, current life insurance, and current savings. 

The key is to cover whatever debts and responsibilities necessary to provide for your family to reach specific goals. If you have children, the goal could be adulthood, college, or maybe even a home.

IYS-C-Web Guide-Calculator Filled Out (1

Step Eight

The calculations are complete​, and they have been categorized by Debt, Education, Living Expenses, and Savings & Insurance to determine a Recommended Coverage Amount. 

If you agree with the numbers, then Select "FIND QUOTES". The Quote Tool will re-calculate the information from the calculator and provide Revised Quotes. You can select from the various Quotes that are provided.  

IYS-C-Web Guide-Final - Recommended Cove

Step Nine

Congratulations! You have a Life Insurance Quote that will help you determine the next steps in protecting your Family or Business. 

The top example shows all the relevant information needed to make a decision. How much? ($1,400,000) How long? (20 Years) AM Best Rating? (A+) Monthly payment? ($75.65) Is a Medical Exam required? (Yes) Average Approval Time? (34 days) Plus, the quote is highlighted with a yellow banner showing "Best Rate".


Under the quote are the terms and conditions for the quote.  First, it clearly shows that an exam is required however it details for $3.82/month you could skip the medical exam. Next, it outlines the applicant may qualify for Super Preferred provided they don't exceed 190 pounds. Next, it offers savings by offering to switch to an annual payment instead of monthly. Then, it discusses parameters for conversion and states the limitations after 5 years. Then, it details that the policy will be electronically issued and it provides a Product Guide of the specific plan you are purchasing. Lastly, our telephone number is listed, just in case if you need to reach us.  

IYS-C-Web Guide-Selected Quote (1).png
IYS-C-Web Guide Final Selected Quote Ter
IYS-C-Web Guide Final Selected Quote Ter

Step Ten

Directly after the terms and conditions, the various other quotes are available. Every person has a unique circumstance, and different insurers will offer a quote based on the information you provide. 

In this example, you notice that there are 14 additional options with six special banners listed. The banners listed are one preferred quote, two no exam quotes, one vitality option, another that lists that it is the fastest to underwrite, and finally the last one is a plan with living benefits. 

Each of these banners is important in its own way however "living benefits" is a newer feature that allows the acceleration of benefits if you are diagnosed with specific diseases.  You will also notice that the leading brands in life insurance are represented in the available options. 

If you need additional details about each of these quotes, select the quote and select the terms and conditions section for added information.

IYS-C-Web Guide Final Quote Options (1).
IYS-C-Web Guide Final Quote Options 2 (1

Final Step

Now that the quote is selected, you have reached your goal of getting a life insurance quote!

If you agree with the amount, terms, and conditions, you can select "Apply in Minutes". You will need your personal information for the next section along with your social security number. Rest assured, all of your information is encrypted - 100% secure.   

IYS-C-Web Guide-Selected Quote (1).png


Super simple, right? You are almost done.


Instead of having to chase down your medical records through your doctor's office, we make it simple too. You can use our system to transfer the information directly to the insurer. Then, you schedule the medical exam and they come to you! You sign the application using DocuSign, and you are done! 

Being responsible never felt so good!

Happy Young Family
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