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Life Insurance to Protect 

Your Family's Future

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We are an independent insurance agency for Life, Health & Accident insurance.


This means we are not bound by one insurance company,

our responsibility is to deliver the best results for you.


We focus on your Business & Family's Future.

Here is the List of Insurance Companies we work with to help

You Secure Your Business & Family's Future.



What is Life Insurance?


It is a form of protection (contract) from risk that guarantees payment (to the beneficiary) by an insurance company upon the death of the insured.

Family at a Beach

What are the key reasons to buy life insurance?


If your income plays an integral role in the lives of others, like children, your spouse, or your elderly parents, then life insurance should be viewed as one form of protection for your dependent's future.


Insurance policies that create cash value may provide income for individuals during their retirement. There are a variety of plans that may assist you in realizing this goal. 

Quality of Life

When a person needs assistance with everyday activities or requires a nursing home, assisted living center, or in-home care; a life insurance policy with living benefits or a long-term care rider may be a solution.

Tax Planning

Typically, there are no restrictions on the amount of investment into life insurance plus the money grows tax-deferred. You can have a strategy that assists your heirs to minimize taxes or provides a way to pay for them.  


Providing an inheritance, funded by life insurance, is one way to provide for your children and spouse's a better future. Whether it is college, a wedding, or a down-payment on their first house; life insurance is a great option. 

What are the top benefits when you buy life insurance?

Tax-Free Advantage 

The death benefits will be paid tax-free to beneficiaries.

Your beneficiaries will not have to  worry about the mortgage, education, or daily expenses

Planned Protection

Planning for your family's future is critical to securing the best future for them.

You have the advantage today.

Lowest Cost

Life Insurance has the lowest costs available for securing your family's future. 

Monthly, Quarterly or Annual plans are available.

How much does Life Insurance cost?

Getting Started

A life insurance quote is your first step. Every life insurance company follows their own underwriting procedures. Rest assured, every insurer will evaluate your own unique circumstance to develop your quote. 

Our quote process is very simple. We ask for the most important information: Name, Height, Weight, Health Rating, whether you smoke & within seconds you will have choices based on available terms (length of time of coverage). 

Exclusively for You

Even though there are some generalities and guidelines within underwriting; every life insurance quote is exclusively created for you. Which means that every policy is unique and the policy protections are offered to everyone.  

Female Example

Our female candidate is requesting a 20-year term life policy. Her details: 

5'-6" tall, 130 pounds, Super Preferred Rating, Non-Smoker, 41 years old


$1,000,000 | 20-Year Term                                     Her quote: $41.00/month

Male Example

Our male candidate is requesting a 20-year term life policy. His details: 

5'-9" tall, 160 pounds, Super Preferred Rating, Non-Smoker, 41 years old

$1,000,000 | 20-Year Term                                      His quote: $50.00/month

How does a Term Life Insurance Policy work?

Your Responsibility

Once you are approved, you pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual premium to the Insurance Company to keep your policy in force. 

Insurer Responsibility

Upon receipt of the premium per the terms of the contract, the insurance company maintains the policy in force. 

Contractual Result

Provided the contract terms were met, the beneficiaries will receive a death benefit (face amount of contract) upon the death of the insured. 

What do I need to do to start a policy? 

What are my Next Steps?

Insure Your Success agents can assist you in developing the best plan for your unique circumstance. You can schedule a Discovery Call or Zoom with an Agent below to get started, or if you wish you can use our Online Quote Tool too.

Sales Agent

Our agents work remotely due to Covid restrictions

If you choose to use our Online Quote tool?

Here are the typical milestones in the process. Remember an Insure Your Success Insurance Agent is only a phone or Zoom Call away. 

1. Start with the online Quote - no contact info required  

2. The Quote Tool Guide is available for your use..

4. After selecting Apply, you will need to input your Personal Information.

This includes Social Security Number, License, Job Information, Financial Information, and Beneficiaries. 

5. Next, you will schedule your Medical Exam if necessary. 

6. With your signature, you are done. 

3. Upon receiving your quote, select the "Apply in Minutes" green button to begin the application. 

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