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Business Life Insurance

Helps to Build a Stronger Business

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We are an independent insurance agency for Life, Health & Accident insurance.


This means we are not stuck to one insurance company,

our pursuit is to find the right policy for your unique circumstance. 


Business Life Insurance helps Business Owners with a plan for:

Retirement | Recruiting & Retaining Employees | Build a Better Business


What is Business Life Insurance?


It is a form of protection (contract) from risk that guarantees payment to a business (beneficiary) upon the death of the insured typically a key employee, owner or partner. 

Reaching a Deal

What are the key reasons to buy business life insurance?


The death or illness of a key employee, owner or partner can throw any business into chaos. Life insurance may provide the necessary funding to ensure a smooth transition to hire a replacement employee or wind down the business or find a new partner for the business. 

Partner Buy-Out

If your business has partners it would be a great plan to have a buy-sell agreement funded using life insurance. If a business does not have a plan, and a partner dies; the business may be forced to operate with a widow or estate trustee making critical decisions.  

Family Assets

Business owners may use family assets as collateral for business loans, and the unplanned death of the insured may create a fiscal nightmare. Your family may be ill-prepared to operate your businss or understand its worth. A policy would ensure a smooth transition.   


Business owners often believe that their business will be their retirement. Unfortunately, an unplanned event or pandemic can wipe out their success. A cash-value policy could be their habitual retirement payment that provides for their future beyond the life of their business. 

Executive Bonus

A business can assist key executives with bonuses that are used to purchase life insurance. The bonus may be sufficient to pay for the premium only or it may be equal to the amount of the premium and the tax liabilities. The executive could purchase a term or cash-value policy.

Keeping the


In family-owned businesses, rarely are all family members actively involved in the business. Splittng the business may be very difficult and often pitting family against each other. Leaving non-active family members a tax-free inheritance may resolve these challenges. 

What is the difference between Term vs. Cash-Value Policies?

Business life insurance has a variety of options that can be beneficial to a business. The flexibility of life insurance makes pursuing life insurance strategies for your business an integral strategy for a variety of business challenges. Key person, buy-sell agreements, succession planning, executive bonuses, and inheritance all call upon life insurance because of the fiscal simplicity versus other more complex financial arrangements. 

Two specific solutions are Term and Permanent (Cash-Value) policies. A term policy is defined as a contract set for a specific term (length of time) for a specific amount (death benefit) insuring a specific person. It is a pretty straightforward concept, and it is the most affordable.


Permanent policies are a bit more complex and often expand the conversation to include retirement using the cash-value features of a permanent policy. With permanent policies, there is a multitude of options and variations that would best be discussed in a Discovery Call. Nonetheless, we will focus on three types: Whole Life, Universal Life, and Indexed Universal Life. Whole life insurance is the most conservative. The insurance company pays dividends to your policy increasing the cash value.  Universal life has more flexibility and pays interest into the policy thus increasing the cash value. An indexed universal life (IUL) policy provides a greater ability to increase the cash accumulation capability of the policy versus the other policies mentioned. 

Ultimately, term policies are more readily used for their affordability to satisfy buy-sell agreements and key person policies. While permanent policies are used for retirement, succession, and estate planning. 

To decide which type of policy meets your unique circumstance requires a Discovery Call with an Insure Your Success agent.  

What are Non-Qualified Plans?

These plans are generally used to provide incentives to employees to build a long-term relationship with the company and keep them with the organization. There are a number of reasons and strategies why a company would use this type of benefit program. The most popular reason? It will incentivize the employee to achieve greater results for the company.

These plans are as follows:

Executive Bonus

A business can assist key executives with bonuses that are used to purchase life insurance. The bonus may be sufficient to pay for the premium only or it may be equal to the amount of the premium and the tax liabilities. The executive could purchase a term or cash-value policy.

Group Carve-Out Plans

If a business benefits package provides for a Group Life benefit then a business can provide for select employees a cash value policy on top of the Group Life policy that is offered to the rank and file employees. 

Split-Dollar Life Insurance

This type of policy is between a business and a select employee. Both parties mutually agree to split the premium, death benefit, and cash value according to a specific ratio, such as 70/30 or 60/40. 

Deferred Compensation

This type of plan is designed for select employees to incentivize them to stay with the company. These plans are typically funded by cash value policies and they are an agreement between an employer and a select employee.   

What are the fiscal advantages of business life insurance?

Tax-Free Advantage 

An employer owned life insurance policy tax-free benefit can be a critical life-line for many businesses. Working with us will ensure the benefit remains tax-free.

Planned Protection

Protecting the business that is generating your wealth is important especially when it is tied to your retirement. We have experience on succession planning & exit strategies for business owners.

Lowest Cost

When compared to other funding resources life insurance often is the most fiscally simple solution due to its cost and flexibility. The alternatives often cost more & they are more complex. 

How much does Business Life Insurance cost?

Getting Started

Schedule a Discovery Call with us. We are interested in learning more about the intricacies of your business and whether special circumstances need to be addressed before a quote is developed. 

If you are curious to find out how much you can afford; our quote process is simple for term policies. We ask for the most important information: Name, Height, Weight, Health Rating, whether you smoke & within seconds you will have choices based on available terms (length of time of coverage). 

Exclusively for You

Even though there are some generalities and guidelines within underwriting; every life insurance quote is exclusively created for you. Which means that every policy is unique and the policy protections are offered to everyone.  

As an example, we are providing you two different examples to give you a perspective on the price of term life insurance for specific criteria. These examples do not reflect what will be the price for your unique circumstance.   

Female Example

Our female candidate is requesting a 20-year term life policy. Her details: 

5'-6" tall, 130 pounds, Super Preferred Rating, Non-Smoker, 41 years old


$1,000,000 | 20-Year Term                                     Her quote: $41.00/month

Male Example

Our male candidate is requesting a 20-year term life policy. His details: 

5'-9" tall, 160 pounds, Super Preferred Rating, Non-Smoker, 41 years old

$1,000,000 | 20-Year Term                                      His quote: $50.00/month

What do I need to do to start a policy? 

What are my Next Steps?

Insure Your Success agents can assist you in developing the best plan for your unique circumstance. You can schedule a Discovery Call or Zoom with an Agent below to get started, or if you wish you can use our Online Quote Tool too.

Sales Agent

Our agents work remotely due to Covid restrictions

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