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Group Health & Benefits helps make Healthcare

Reachable for your Team.

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We are an independent insurance agency for Life, Health & Accident insurance.


This means we are not bound by one insurance company,

our responsibility is to deliver the best results for you.


We focus on identifying your challenges and solving them for you.

We have Group Health & Benefits specialists ready to handle:

Quotation, Analysis, Compliance, Bi-lingual Enrollment & an Employee Portal.


Here is the List of Insurance Companies we work with to help you with your Company's Health Plan. 

What are Group Health & Benefits?


A group health plan is an employee welfare benefit plan established or maintained by an employer that provides medical care for participants and/or their dependents directly or through insurance, or reimbursement.   

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How does Group Health & Benefits help an Employer?

Lower Payroll Taxes

Generally, businesses may see a reduction in payroll taxes, and the cost of premiums can be deducted from their federal taxes. A business owner should work with their tax advisor or CPA for financial advice. 

Retain & Recruit


A 2020 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey by WTW found that 78% of employees said they are more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefits program. 

Lower Premiums

Group plans, on average, are less expensive and offer more benefits than individual plans, thus making healthcare reachable for employees. We offer a Group Plan Analysis to confirm if you have the best value for your employees.

Healthier Employees

Generally, healthier employees tend to be more productive employees plus they miss work less, and there is less employee turnover. Healthier employees make for more productive team members.

A Rise in Company Morale

By offering Group Health as an employee benefit, you demonstrate that you care about your employees' health and their contribution to the business.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

According to a Glassdoor Economic survey, the top 3 benefits for full-time employees were: 

Health Insurance | Vacation Time | Retirement Planning

How does Group Health benefits help an Employee?

Less Payroll Taxes

When an employee is a participant of a Group Health plan, they are permitted to pay for their healthcare from (pre-tax) Gross Wages. This action typically results in lowering the payroll taxes on an employee's paycheck. 

Financial Help

Typically, individual or family plans that are purchased outside of a Group Health plan are more expensive, have fewer benefits, and fewer medical plans.  Group Health delivers healthcare more affordably. 

Less Stress

When an employee has a Group Health plan they use it. Generally, they are less sick and they don't miss work. They are happier, and they have greater loyalty to their employer. 

What type of Group Health & Benefits are available?

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We promote the major health insurance brands. You decide whether you would like a one plan fits all (HMO, PPO, HSA, or EPO) or a flexible plan. The flexible plan allows you to identify the company's contribution, and the employees select their plan and pay the difference. Either way, problem solved.  


One of the more popular options is adding a Dental policy. We have a variety of plans to satisfy the one plan fits all option or the flexible plan option. Your choice. 

Perfect Smile
Optical Glasses


A vision plan is another popular plan that can be added to any Group plan. 

With all of our plans, the employee can add it as a separate option. 


Chiropractic and Acupuncture are considered optional ancillary benefits that can be added to any of our Group policies. Like most of our options, if the employee wants them, the employee adds them to their plan. 

Chiropractor at Work
Family Time


Group Life Insurance typically provides guaranteed approval if enough employees participate though the death benefits are limited up to $250,000. If you are interested in more protection for your family, learn more below. 

What are the challenges regarding Healthcare?

Each company is unique. It is important to understand the dynamic within your company and select a plan that provides affordability, flexibility and satisfies the largest needs requested. The only required plan to start group health is a medical plan all the other plans are optional.

  • Cost is a big issue. This is why we provide the largest selection of plans available at various cost levels in the marketplace. 

  • Employee Plan Choice is significant too. Instead of having everyone be on one plan type (HMO, PPO, HSA, or EPO), we can offer you one plan that offers all of those types of plans under one account. 

  • Compliance can be complex. We make it simple by having experts make sure you are in compliance with Federal and State regulations.  

  • Managing Your Account. Complicated paper invoices will be a thing of the past. You will be able to handle the typical day-to-day administrative functions online.  

  • Lack of Employee Engagement. Employees will have their own communication portal in order to use their healthcare plan to its fullest potential. 

  • Lack of Savings. All employees will be enrolled in a local program for entertainment savings plus health and wellness programs too. 

How do I get a quote?

Schedule a Discovery Call with Us

We want to learn about your business and determine if there are any intricacies that may need special focus. Our goal is to deliver a 100% accurate quote that takes care of your team.

Employee Census

We will provide you with an employee census form. A completed form will help us deliver a 100% accurate quote within 24-hours.

Review Our Solution & Proposal

We will meet with you via Zoom to review our proposal and outline implementation. Would you be interested in a comparison of your current plan? We can do that too. 


Once the decision has been made to move forward, enrollment will be performed online, or, if requested, a paper enrollment is available. Multi-lingual teams are available throughout the whole process. 

Onsite Support

Experts are available for onsite enrollment sessions at the employer's facility. The specialists will review benefits, explain carrier perks, complete employee applications, and finalize and submit paperwork. This team is multi-lingual too. 

Schedule a Discovery Call Today!

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